Gina Lopez is also known as Ms. Alternate Facts. She doesn’t follow the law, because she has her own appreciation to it, manoeuvring it to her own interest.

  1. “They’re not all proclaimed watersheds, but a watershed is a watershed is a watershed.”As DENR Secretary with the power to execute orders that can affect an entire industry and the loss of jobs for countless Filipinos, it is incumbent upon the Secretary to be clear about what the law says. Something Gina Lopez clearly is not an expert at, nor does she care.
  2. “I’m really not a technical person at all.”

When asked to define what an MPSA is, Gina Lopez answered with the above quote, adding that “she’d fail if the CA questions her on technicals. There you go.
  3. “Balfour has not commenced.”Opposer and geologist Caloy Arcilla syas before the CA that First Balfour, a Lopez-owned company, is operating near a watershed. Gina Lopez denied this. Arcilla points out to the committee that it says otherwise on First Balfour’s website.

Shortly after Arcilla’s testimony, the portion about the quarrying near a wathershed was taken down from First Balfour’s website.
  4. “CARAGA is the poorest region in the country.”

Gina Lopez was making this argument to close down mines, citing that despitd the presencd of mining the region is still the poorest in Mindanao.

 Only CARAGA is not the poorest in the region. It’s not even in the top 20 poorest provinces in the country according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, as pointed out by Senator Migz Zubiri during the CA hearing.
  5. “I’ll be flying to the US.”

Lopez asked the CA to move the next hearing to May 8 as she will be flying to the United States this March for a spiritual retreat. In short, a vacation. “You should prioritize the CA,” Senator Franklin Drilon told her.

 She will still fly out, prompting Senator Manny Pacquiao to tell media that Gina Lopez’s appointment will likely be bypassed. 

Ikaw na ate.

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