These are the hard numbers in the real world. A world that Gina Lopez does not inhabit with the rest of us.

Alien? Alien!


That’s the number Gina Lopez came up with. According to her, that was the number of supporters who showed up at the Senate grounds as she was set to appear before the Committee on Appointments.


That was the actual number of people who showed up in support of Lopez as reported by the media.

Now, it’s either Lopez is some deity who can multiply the number of people in attendance, or she is lying. We have seen Lopez in person, so we know she is just human.

What we do know is that she has a history of manipulating facts and bend them to serve her own personal agenda. She has been inconsistent with her statements and she manipulates people and the general public, playing on the unfounded fears and misinformed perception of people about the mining industry.

Let’s look at the other figures: 5,000 people went to the DENR office in Quezon City to oppose Lopez’s appointment on the same day that those 3,000 showed up at the Senate.

These 5,000 are part of the 300,000 individuals affected by Lopez’s bias against mining. These 300,000 are from 17 municipalities in 10 provinces in the country that are about to lose over 800 million pesos in revenues from mining. The 300,000 is part of the 100 million Filipinos. These 100 million will be affected as the nation loses half a billion pesos in revenues from mining.

Not to mention the total number of Filipinos who will lose their jobs because of killing the industry that is a vital part of the economic supply chain: 1.2 Million Filipinos.

These are the hard numbers in the real world. A world that Gina Lopez does not inhabit with the rest of us.

Alien? Alien!


  1. All your articles on Gina Lopez is very relevant to me as a professional, involved in the miming industry for more than half a century, to be exact after i completed my geology course in UP Diliman, 1964. That time geologists are considered hard rock geologist (mining) and soft rock geologists (petroleum), both major subjects I also completed. being not sure where i will be employed after graduation. This is why I got interested on The DENR Sec. being the present regulator of natural resources ( including mining), unlike before The Bureau of Mines, regulates both mining and energy. Now I can share my thoughts who must regulate the mining sector. Gina Lopez indeed is not qualified, being passionate on protecting the Environment is not only required but Sensitivity to the Laws governing the industries under DENR, , finally a competent Manager is a must. All the events, after Gina Lopez was designated as DENR Sec.,( after Pres. Digong was elected,) News on Conflicting policies, Mining Closures, etc,,seems to be HER focus. This attitude affected investors perception due to issuances of ECC to almost every business, as well as in mining industry ( the favorite agenda of Gina). I appeal to the CA and President Digong to REMOVE GINA LOPEZ, as DENR HEAD IMMEDIATELY, before She affects, the Social, Economic, Environment of our Country.!!!God Bless the Philippines

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