To salvage whatever Gina has of her image, she employs all of the Lopez clan’s resources to continue vilifying the mining industry.

Former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez is obviously trying to salvage whatever she can of her image (hey, it’s really hard to spin that ‘Let it Go’ and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ numbers) by employing all of the Lopez clan’s resources to continue vilifying the mining industry.

Ted Failon has just finished doing surveillance on mining sites. The community, knowing full well Failon’s allegiance and agenda, prevented ABS-CBN’s top commentator from taking photos of the place. Failon brought a chopper and flew by the area. He also scouted Barangay Guisgis where Benguet Mines and Eramen are located. We all know what to expect: a slanted story from Failon depicting mining, as always, in a very atrocious light, an environmentally destructive industry that leaves host communities poor despite bringing profit to its operator. 

This despite the fact that communities have actually benefitted from mining through scholarships, livelihood, outreach, and entrepreneurship programs initiated by the industry.

The mining industry has no champion as vocal as the Lopez’s cadre of personalities and commentators. All the industry have are the silent testimonies of community members whose lives have been improved by mining.

Just because the Lopez’s employees are louder does not mean they are right, just as how mining beneficiaries’ voices are soft, does not make their testimonies not real.

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