About Us

After the long and legendary march to EDSA of our forbearers, martial law babies and even the late blooms of our generation, watch out Philippines because this is our time to shine!

You saw us with the little light of understanding that was instilled by our parents, but now as we reach maturity, we see the Philippines and the fire is blazing. We go to the beaches of Boracay, Baler, Siargao, Zambales and many more. We climb the ranges of Sierra Madre, Mt Pulag and even Mt Apo #TravelMoreFun. We like to have fun and take the rays of the sun head on, but we are still Filipinos, we love our motherland, we can be revolutionists too.

All is not lost dear parents and guardians. As to what we are capable of, we are still discovering the facts. However, right now, since the people see us as a reckoning force worth mentioning, we would like to enlighten and give the people our side of the story. We vow to give people good news instead of giving our countrymen a false sense of Filipino Nationhood. It sucks to have to read news over and over again in the same tone #HEAVY. With Phil. In The Blank, you get a different take of the news from different perspectives.

We know, We are Thinking and We are Acting, this is our start, the start of giving the power to the new generation, in passing the torch to the future leaders of the country #BrandNewDay. Let the people know what is happening at the outskirts. Let the normal Juan Dela Cruz be heard while he is helping an old lady cross the street. Let it be known that there is also a Side-B on every tape, and all we have just been watching and listening to is Side-A.

We like to have fun and do everything under the sun, but this is our time, we will fill you in Philippines! Don’t be left out, don’t be blank!